Friday, April 4, 2014


A beautiful town with dark secrets. Linda and Shana must investigate on their own to find any answers.

     Their next stop was Minnie and Frank’s grocery store. As soon as they entered the store, they realized that Minnie and Frank had their hands full with their screaming baby. No one else was around. Their little girl always seemed to be crying whenever they entered the store, no matter the time of day.
     Linda walked over to the playpen. Minnie was singing and shaking toys for her baby, in a desperate attempt to make her stop crying—which didn’t seem to be helping at all. Meanwhile, Frank just stood at the side of the playpen with an irritated expression on his dour face. Linda couldn’t figure out if he was annoyed at the baby, or at them.
     “We just stopped in for a quick hello. I see that both of you are busy, so we’ll come back another time.” This was all Linda could come up with during all the crying and subsequent hicupping of the baby, before escaping the hectic scene.

     “The only one remaining is Shirley. At least she likes to talk and gossip about everyone,” said Linda.
     “We still don’t know if this is the real Shirley, or just a good cover.” Shana looked over her shoulder and made one of her creepy faces.
     “You’re beginning to sound like one of my mystery books. Now I won’t have to read them because we are faced with a mystery of our own.” Linda signed before opening the door to Shirley’s store.
“I’m just becoming more cynical and paranoid,” replied Shana.