Sunday, November 6, 2016

Uzi Poznasky's Bargain & Free Books

Uvi Poznansky: Bargain&Free: ��   Please double-check prices before downloading  ��   Murder in the Theater By Christa Nardi Myster...


📯 Please double-check prices before downloading 📯 

Murder in the Theater
By Christa Nardi
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense 
$0.99 $2.99

★ Kindle 

It’d be the season to be jolly if only someone hadn’t set the stage for murder. Can amateur sleuth Sheridan Hendley find the killer before the curtain call?

.The Dead Game
By Susanne Leist
Paranormal Suspense
$0.99 $2.99

 ★ Kindle ★ Nook 

Linda moves to a seaside town to live a quiet life. She opens a bookstore and makes new friends. Life is simple--that is until the dead body washes up on shore. Linda is horrified to find that dead bodies and disappearing tourists are common for this small town. But this is only the beginning.

Sugar for Sugar
New Release
By Seb Kirby
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense 
$0.99 $2.99

★ Kindle 

Issy Cunningham has made a new life for herself but that's all about to come crashing down. If only she could recall what happened that Valentine's Eve, she would be able to tell the police what really took place. 
How can she set the record straight when her past won't let her be?

Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie 
By Mark Nolan
Mystery,Thriller & Suspense
$0.99 $2.99


An action-packed thriller from beginning to end. Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie has been a #1 bestseller in Pulp Thrillers, and among the most popular books in Kindle Unlimited All-Stars.
Dangerous Waters
By Anne Allen
Women’s Fiction

★ Kindle 

Tragedy seems to follow Jeanne Le Page around . . . 
Can she really go through it again and survive? And will her return to Guernsey bring her pain - or love - or both?
In Flight
Tales of the Dragonfly
By Tamara Ferguson
Romantic Suspense

★ Kindle 

When Sam's search for a killer leads him back through his own tarnished past, will Penny, a woman who's afraid to trust, be able to forgive a man who considers himself undeserving of her love?

Murder at the Polo Club
By Dianne Harman
Cozy Mystery, New Release
$0.99 $2.99

 ★ Kindle 

Antiques, polo, and relationships. What do they have in common? Murder!

Dangerous Places
A Roman Cantrell-Nikki Holden Mystery #1 
By Elaine Raco Chase
Mystery,Thriller & Suspense
$0.99 $2.99

Kindle ★ Nook ★ Apple ★  Kobo

The 7 deadly sins have never been so deadly or so fun!

After the Evil
A Jake Roberts Novel
By Cary Allen Stone
Crime Fiction, Psychological Thriller
FREE $0.99

 Kindle ★ Nook  Kobo

Jake’s in a steamy love affair with flight attendant Lori Powers. Tensions run high when Jake discovers who the killer is. Will they get there in time to stop another murder?

A Touch of Passion
Boxed set
FREE $1.99

Kindle ★ Nook ★ iTunes ★ Kobo

Lose yourself in a touch of passion. Whether it’s the magic of a kiss or the agony of heartbreak, explore love in these captivating full-length novels, written by twelve bestselling, award-winning, USA Today and NY Times authors. These sensual tales will leave you with music in your heart.
Amelia’s Story 
By D.G. Torrens
FREE $4.99

 ★ Kindle 

While being moved from one children's home to another, Amelia has just one wish: to make it through to adulthood and hold her destiny in her own hands.


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