Wednesday, November 9, 2016


A duel to end all duels.
A battle to the death.
The winds raise the waves
To heights of ecstasy.

They tease the shore
With their pounding fury. 
The sand reduced to dust
From their unrelenting force.

I’m torn in half,
Tempted by the ice storm,
Where cold flesh brings passion,
And games are the rule of the day.

Heat still flows through my veins, 
Drawing me back to the light,
Where human flesh brings love
And easement from the storm.
Wolf rises from the water,
His body melting in droplets.
He exists no more.
He has lost the battle.
How could have I not known?
How could I have forgotten?
The cold waits no more for me.
Emptiness fills the void inside.
I can still hear his voice,
Feel his presence in the wind.
His icy fury slices into the shore,
Calling for me to join him.
Our games have just begun.

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