Monday, October 2, 2017


sun exploding
What if the sun exploded?
The day began as all others.
The sun rose and shined its light.
As the day wore on, the sun grew hotter.
It radiated shades of red and orange.
Heat slew off its sides.
Until it exploded.
Hot balls of fire crashed to earth.
Darkness soon fell across the globe.
The moon hid its face.
It wasn’t ready to rule.
Who would save the earth,
Warm the earth,
And provide the needed sunshine?
The moon stepped forward.
It puffed up its face,
Then it blew out hot steam.
“You’re hired,” mankind shouted.
The moon replaced the sun.
Twenty-four hours a day.
No time off.
No rest for the weary moon.
But a lot of grumbling.
So we ask: What if the sun exploded?
We would be in trouble.
Stuck with the moon for sunshine.
Sun, we bow to you in gratitude
For all that you do for us.

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