Sunday, October 15, 2017


Inky Waves

The world is changing.
Forests are dying.
Animals are becoming extinct.
Nature has taken control.
Days are warmer.
Rain falls harder.
Earthquakes rock the planet.
Hurricanes bring the winds.
Ocean waves dance to the deadly tune.
Bow to our new foe, Mother Nature.
Crime does its share,
But nature cleans the slate.
Towns and cities topple
Beneath the rubble.
The salt water hits my face
As I watch the waves rise.
I wait for the beautiful sight
To turn deadly and reckless.
The laps at the shore
Become heavy slaps.
Rocks and debris are
Thrown to the wind.
Soon I am drenched.
The ocean has come ashore
To wreck havoc on our lives.
My eyes tear as I search for
the ocean’s lost beauty.
I search for the camaraderie of 
My old friend who’d soothed my fears.
My friend is long gone.
All is gone.
And so will we.

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