Monday, October 2, 2017


BEacon of light
There is a mist.
I can’t see.
All is blurry.
But yet,
I can see you.
You stand before me.
You are my beacon.
My hope.
Wait for me,
my love.
I will walk toward you.
I can see nothing but you.
Be my beacon.
My hope.
My light.
In the darkest of nights.
Wait for me,
my love. 
I’m here.
I’ve reached you.
But you’re gone.
A mist blurs the light.
I can’t see anything.
You’ve left me.
I never had you.
You were my one hope.
My last chance.
You never waited.
You never cared.
Time for me to give up.
I bow my head.
I’ve given up.
I will no longer reach
For what I can’t have.
I will no longer have hope.
The world goes dark around me.

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