Saturday, November 1, 2014


Krzysztof Zaprutkiewicz

You are sound asleep.
You wake up.
You feel someone watching you.
You look around the room.
No one is there.
There are shadows and moonlight.
But no one.
You look over at the shelves.
Shelves across the room.
Eyes are watching you.
They are glowing white.
Who do they belong to?
The creepy doll on the shelf.
Why did you save it?
You have no ready answer.
You get up to walk to the doll.
The room lengthens and widens.
You are walking toward the doll.
But you are not getting any closer.
You hear laughter coming from
the spot where she sits.
Demonic laughter that chills your soul.
You try to walk.
But your feet are stuck to the floor.
Are you in a nightmare?
Or are you a new toy for the doll from hell?
It laughs again.

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