Sunday, November 2, 2014




Linda was saved from the snake and the tank of alligators. But more dangers were in store for Linda and her friends. Whom could they trust?

     Linda was snatched from the body of the large snake by Reece, who had flown up to her. He brought her down into Todd’s waiting arms.
     “I hope all the evil in town has been eliminated. Am I finally correct this time?” Todd asked the elders.
     You haven’t been correct once so far, Mike said to himself.
     Reece said, “I believe all the evil has been eradicated. You can all go home.”
     “Where was Hayden during all this?” Sam asked.
     “We sent him to Europe to take care of a few matters for us. We knew that either you or Sam would successfully resolve this situation,” Reece said, walking over to shake Todd’s hand.
     “How did you know that one of us would be stepping in to save everyone? I was waiting for Hayden. I was only attempting to buy us some time,” Todd said.
     You were just lucky this time. If you had really tried, then things wouldn’t have worked out so well.
     “I knew that one of you would be successful, since you both have untapped powers that need to be further developed,” Reece said.
     “What type of powers?” Mike asked.
     “That’s for another day,” Reece said before he disappeared with Leanne and Diane right behind him.
     Mike glanced over at Todd and Sam, trying to figure out what these untapped powers could be.

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