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Vampires and Humans- my favorite kinda story

By Jalpa Pandya “jae”on November 3, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

In some ways, The Dead Game reminded me of the Vampire Diaries. Personally, I really enjoy Vampire Diaries so I enjoyed this book. There are evil vampires, good vampires, human vampires, and humans. This story takes place in a small town and the main character, Linda, becomes suspicious that something doesn’t seem right. She and her friends end up in the End House, which is “haunted.” They are barely able to get out of there that night. Things really get crazy when their friends are missing, and dead bodies are found.
This is a fast moving story, with every page full of surprises. There are a lot of characters, but I have to admit that my favorite was Todd. He was very intriguing and luckily, he was a fierce protector of the main girl, Linda.
Todd and Linda’s relationship is a bit confusing, but the author has a nice epilogue at the end that gives the readers closure. The author also hints at a sequel, so I’m looking forward to see what happens next!


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