Thursday, December 18, 2014


Excerpt from THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist

A field of man-eating daisies? Nothing was impossible at End House.

     About two months ago, the mood of the house had turned malevolent. The staircase had flattened itself out during her descent, causing her to fly down their steep slope. Each day afterward brought with it another evil prank against her family.
     In the middle of the night, Mary would often find herself roaming through the wooded grounds—without any memory of how she’d gotten there. After she passed through a doorway, she didn’t know what room she would be stepping into, since the rooms often switched locations. Once she’d walked into her daughter’s bedroom and had found herself in a flamboyant boudoir, furnished in red with ornate tables and brocade draperies from a long-gone era.
     Yesterday her husband had entered their bedroom and had become lost in a field of daisies. It would have been a pleasant experience for him—if the daisies hadn’t transformed themselves into man-eating plants with long, sharp teeth. She’d found him running through the house, shrieking about killer daisies chasing after him. If she hadn’t been so afraid she would have found it funny, but nothing was ever funny about the house’s long list of evil pranks.
     After his heart-stopping experience, John had agreed that it was time for them to pack up their belongings and leave their home.


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