Monday, November 20, 2017



Let the walls crumble.
The paint flake and peel
I need to get out
from this prison of mine.
My fingers are torn.
Nails are shredded.
But I must destroy
this wall around me.
No one can understand
my fear, my panic.
No one can help me
escape my demons.
This I must do alone.
Brick by brick,
the wall will fall.
A glimpse of outside
is all I need.
The sky appears,
clouds floating by.
The sun peeks in,
not to be left out.
I’m ready to be free.
To fly from my captors.
First, my head,
then my body.
I’m outside on the ledge,
balanced over the city.
I’m free to let go
and soar over cars
and people.
Join the tiny dots below.
Time to fly.

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