Sunday, March 1, 2015


  1. WHAT IF
    What if the sun exploded one day?
    The day began as all others.
    And then the sun kept getting larger.
    Until it exploded.
    Hot fire balls fell to earth.
    The rest were absorbed into space.
    Once the fires were extinguished,
    darkness fell across the earth.
    The moon wasn’t ready to come out yet.
    Who would save the earth?
    Warm the earth.
    Provide the needed sunshine for plants
    and all living things.
    The moon stepped forward.
    It puffed up to appear larger.
    It blew out steam to warm the earth.
    "You’re hired," mankind shouted.
    The moon replaced the sun.
    Twenty four hours a day.
    No time off.
    No rest.
    But a lot of grumbling.
    So we ask: What if the sun exploded?
    We would be in trouble.
    Stuck with the moon for sunshine.
    Sun, we bow down to you.

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