Sunday, February 8, 2015


Was the town safe at last? Was it free from The Dead? Would it become a paradise once again for the residents and tourists?

Chapter 39
“We should check on your store,” Todd said to Linda as they drove from the estates.
     “Okay—I do want to see if I still have a roof.”
     As they pulled up in front of the bookshop, they noticed that the other shop owners had the same idea. Looking around, Linda was happy to see that the town didn’t appear to have sustained much damage; all the roofs were still intact—except of course, for the church and the town hall. Before entering her shop, she called out to Shana, “Afterward, bring everyone over for coffee and bagels.”
     Once inside, Linda saw that her store had been untouched by the storm. She prepared breakfast. She set each table with an assortment of bagels, spreads, pastries, and a steaming pot of coffee. Todd stood by the window, looking out at the deserted streets of town.
     Soon everyone arrived. Judy, Gregg, and Ryan came in with the others but sat at a corner table by themselves.
     Linda walked over to welcome them. She asked Judy, “I’ve been curious for a while: Are you and Gregg really a couple?”
     “No. It was just a part of our cover.”
     “Judy and Ryan are the ones who are in love,” Todd said.
     Ryan took Judy’s hand and pulled her down onto his lap.
     “Let’s take it slow.” Judy said.
      “I’m tired of taking it slow,” Ryan said and then he kissed her on the lips. Their audience clapped and a few whistled, except for Gregg, who sat by himself and just glared at them.
     Mike stood alone in the corner. Everyone had found a partner, except of course, for him and Gregg. Gregg seemed to be having his own issues with Judy and Ryan. Mike watched Gregg eye the new couple with jealousy burning in his green eyes. A man after my own heart.



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