Sunday, February 8, 2015


bird flying

What a beautiful bird.
I’m lost inside the rainbow
with a white bird.
It’s flying around me.
Round and round.
Velvety pink petals are falling.
This place seems nice.
But so quiet.
The bird isn’t making a sound.
Just circling me.
Then it flies off.
Should I follow it?
It’s hovering in the distance,
as if it’s waiting for me.
Here goes.
Let’s follow the bird.
I’m almost caught up to it.
Now, it’s leaving me.
So have the petals.
In their place
descends a darkness.
I could feel its thickness,
surrounding me.
I see a light ahead.
I see people from my past.
Like a dream.
Oh no.
More like a nightmare.
Tomorrow will tell the tale.
Don’t forget to return.
Or I may be stuck in here forever.

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