Friday, February 13, 2015



     The streets of the village were empty of cars or people. Fallen autumn leaves swirled in mounds around the deserted sidewalks. All was quiet except for the soulful moaning of the trade winds coming off the ocean.
     The two cars pulled up in front of the diner.
     “I hope nothing has happened to them,” Shana said as she climbed out of Sam’s car.
     “What could possibly have happened to them? All the years our town was under attack, they’ve been living peacefully. It was almost if they were immune to all the chaos happening around them,” Mike said.
     Shana said, “We should begin at the diner. The last time we visited, most of the town was gathered there: eating and gossiping.”
     They entered the diner with Shana in the lead. The diner was packed with people to overflowing. There weren’t enough seats for everyone, so most people were standing in the aisles. They weren’t noticed as they quietly stood behind the crowd of people at the front door.
     All the villagers were looking at the same thing: at the door behind the diner’s long counter. The door was open, and Shana could see a colorful and noisy carnival on the other side. She knew that there couldn’t be a carnival outside the diner; however, the scene looked so real that she could even see a Ferris wheel turning. Then a little girl from the diner walked through the doorway to become part of the scene; she ran to the clown who handed her a large red balloon.
     Shana’s surprised gasp caused the villagers to turn around and stare at her. She knew that she’d been spotted, so she just smiled.
     Rose walked over to welcome her and her friends to their village. ”I know that this looks strange, but it is totally harmless. This is how we’ve dealt with the tragic events that have occurred around us.”
     “Is the scene outside real or a figment of our imagination?” Shana asked in wonder.
     “It’s both. First, a person imagines a peaceful scene. Once he opens the door, he walks into the fantasy world of his own choosing. Whoever walks through that door with him or her will experience that same adventure.”
     “How could that happen? Are you witches, or supernatural beings?” Shana asked.



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