Monday, February 19, 2018


No changes needed.
No rewind.
No second chances.
Perfect the first time.


A ride to hell and back.
I will sit in the back.
We fly through the night air.
Sound barriers we tear.
Demons fly by our side.
I have nowhere to hide.
They take us to their lair.
I’m pulled hard by my hair.
Life is over for me.
I’ll never be set free.


He has come for me.
I’ll never be free.
He comes this night.
Fear at first sight.

He claims his love.
But he’s no dove.
He’s evil as can be.
Always searching for me.

I must hide until morning.
Or the town will be mourning.
The devil hides his face.
I know his deadly pace.

His footsteps ring hollow.
Steps quicken to follow.
He sings a sweet song.
I know I’m not wrong.

The devil is right behind me.
Even though his face I can’t see.
He has me in his grasp.
I cry out with a gasp.

He kisses me with passion.
I know this is his fashion.
To take what is not his.
And make me only his.



The night holds you too tight.
You must not fear or fight.
You belong to us now.
I say this with a bow.
You will follow us to hell.
As we ring the nightly bell.
Our servant you will be.
You’ll never be set free.
The town belongs to us.
No reason for a fuss.
The Dead are here to stay.
Come with us and play.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist


1 witchcraft
A town living on the brink,
even with flowers bright pink.
Magic flows through the air.
Witchcraft is all too near.

Are You Ready to Play?

1 Ready to play

Dark shadows fill the night.
Diving from a great height.
Have they come to play?
How long will they stay?

My Author Showcase

book Dead Game Fire

Author Showcase – Susanne Leist 

Look through the palm trees.
Past the sanded beaches.
Beyond the swimming pools.
And you will see the truth.
Hear the raging winds.
Feel the spray of the tall waves.
Taste the salt in the air.
And you will know Oasis, Florida.
For what it really is.
A town living on the edge.
In fear of the nights.
Of the dark shadows.

Do you love mazes?
Being lost in the dark.
Searching for an exit.
Only to find more hallways.
More traps.
More illusions.
What if a house was a maze?
Guests trapped inside.
Searching for doors.
Doors leading to more horrors.
Welcome to End House
and The Dead Game.

Linda was passing the empty tables by the tall windows when she felt her arm being tugged—very hard. Before she could react, she found herself being forcibly dragged through the open patio doors and onto the isolated garden path. She came face to face with the mighty Wolf and his trusted companion, Hayden. The grounds were deserted. Everyone had left the gardens, and she was all alone with the two evil vampires.
Wolf glared at Hayden. “Please let go of her arm; we are not animals. We never force ourselves on women.”
“Chivalry among demons—I’m very impressed. Too bad your table manners and choice of dishes leave a lot to be desired,” Linda said. Her hatred of Wolf had just caused her to forget her low position in the food chain; she closed her mouth to stop herself from talking. In the future, she must remember that he was a vampire—the strongest one in the world—and that he could destroy her at any time.
Wolf didn’t seem the least bit focused on her. “I didn’t come here to play parlor games with you. I need you to convince Todd to join us. He can never be human or will ever be accepted by them. He belongs to us. He must stick with his own kind.”
“He’s not like you in any way at all: he cares too deeply for people and is loyal to his friends. On the other hand, you and your kind enjoy killing too much and have no feelings whatsoever.”
“Todd will never be accepted by humans or by his own kind. He will be an outcast with nowhere to go. He must join with us.”
“Todd is human and will always be accepted by humans.”
“Let’s kill her now, boss. She’s going to be trouble. I could take her away, and no one will ever see her again,” Hayden said, grabbing hold of her arm again.
Oops, she did it again. Her big mouth had now sealed her fate. She had to learn how to be more assertive without getting herself into trouble.
Wolf strolled over to her with a wicked gleam surfacing in his eyes.
“I have a much better use for her in the future. When she finally comes to her senses, she’ll realize that she will be better off with a real vampire with unlimited powers than with a pathetic human. She’ll learn about intoxicating love and passion—not the games that humans play that pale in comparison.
Here comes the human. Let her go for now.”
Linda was horrified to find herself wrapped in Wolf’s strong, muscular arms. She became hypnotized by his black eyes and tempted by his deep voice. He seemed perfect in every way. She only wanted to be with him.
“I’ll be back for you.” Wolf held her tight against his body and whispered in her ear. “I love the way you stand up to me with your flashing blue eyes. Soon you’ll be mine, my beautiful ice queen.”
Linda couldn’t move her body. She was stuck in some kind of trance…she couldn’t leave; didn’t want to go if given a choice. His voice soothed her and made her think of love, passion, and great need: a need that could be satisfied only by him with his expert hands and mouth. She knew that one day she was going to be with him, to be joined with him.
He lowered his mouth to hers and drew her into a swirling haze of unexpected feelings and desires. His mouth covering hers introduced her to a new realm of pure pleasure. His powerful form enveloped her, making her feel feelings that were foreign and untried for her. She couldn’t get enough of him. She tentatively began touching his face and then his body with an eager and unrelenting hunger. She didn’t know what she needed, but she knew that she wanted and desired this beautiful man standing right before her. Her past life was washed out of her mind, never to be considered again. She begged him to take her with him tonight. In response, Wolf lifted her in his arms, as if she weighed nothing, and turned to leave the party. His beautiful face looked victorious and happy. His black eyes filled with passion. She hoped that it was because of her. He looked down into her small face and gave a hearty roar.
While Wolf carried her in his powerful arms, a dark shadow swooped out of the house and flew directly at them. Linda was knocked out of his arms, and Wolf was thrown across the patio.
She looked up to see who had attacked them. It was Todd, his eyes a deadly shade of green, standing there panting.
Linda backed away in horror. Todd’s eyes cleared and returned to their original dark color. Then he looked at her. “Don’t ever be afraid of me. I’m here to protect you.”
Then he was struck down by Wolf.
They began circling each other like two wild animals. Todd thrust his body at Wolf, causing Wolf to lose his balance, and they crashed together to the ground. Wolf pushed Todd aside and stood back up. He lunged at Todd, who sidestepped his maneuver. Todd retaliated by lifting him high up in the air and flinging him through one of the glass doors to the house. Wolf rose up and dusted glass off his clothing.
He said to Todd, who stood before him, “We are not anywhere near finished, my dear friend. The next battle between us will be more private—without so many witnesses. If I were you, I would watch your back…and your pretty little girlfriend.” Wolf stalked away with Hayden following close behind. Todd quickly followed.
Linda was left standing alone outside. She felt bereft without the touch of Wolf’s lips on hers and the solid strength of his arms holding her. Linda had felt the unmistakable pull of him on all her senses. In his arms, she’d felt weak and needy—as if she needed him to live. Todd and Wolf were extremely powerful, and both had taken hold of her senses.

If I had known it was going to be so hard,
involving computer skills to the extreme,
I might have thought twice about it,
thought twice about writing my book.
Writers must write each and every day.
We must promote our books daily.
We must post on our blogs.
But there are not enough hours in a day.
How do other writers accomplish all this?
How do they leave free time for their families?
They must be expert jugglers.
Experts at writing, blogging, and juggling.
I must learn this dance,
this high-wire walk,
this never-ending battle.
I must learn to juggle.
I will do it.
I will do it all.
Just give me a chance.
Book two is being written.
I feel free.
I feel empowered.
I will survive.
James Patterson, eat my dust.


The house waits.
It breathes.
No one visits.
Until the party.
It sits.
It waits.
For you.



Some days can be heartless.
Some days cruel.
Bringing sorrow and tears.
Bringing you down to your knees.
Until you give up hope.
Give up on your dreams.
Refuse to lift your head.
Refuse to face another day.
And then comes the rainbow.

Monday, February 12, 2018


“ by sannalinn
Life takes us on a ride.
A path with no guide.
A ride for no rhyme or reason.
A circle with no side.
A path deep into the jungle.
People passing along the way.
Traps to trip us up.
Lurking demons...


Life takes us on a ride.
A path with no guide.
A ride for no rhyme or reason.
A circle with no side.

A path deep into the jungle.
People passing along the way.
Traps to trip us up.
Lurking demons held at bay.

The end leaves us with more questions.
Not answered along the way.
A destination with no purpose.
No clarification for our stay.