Sunday, November 4, 2018


Sky Explosion (by drxgonfly)

Reflections from above
surround me like a glove.
Hues of purple and pink
make me ponder and think.
I lift my face high
to the starry sky.
What is the reason I am here?
Why do I live my life in fear?
Questions in my mind
seek what I can’t find.
A shooting star streaks by.
“Is this my answer?” I sigh.
A bird perches near my arm.
I jump in fear and alarm.
Its black eyes stare back at me
and with a wink, it flies free.
I am alone with the night
with the moon at its full height.
My fear falls away like a cloak.
I begin to cry with a choke.
The bird has shown me a place
where I can reveal my face.

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