Wednesday, April 19, 2017

THE DEAD GAME — A Paranormal Mystery

The beautiful house had almost been
destroyed in the last storm.
Pieces of its roof and shutters had
blown off in the winds.
The last family had disappeared.
Why did we receive an invitation
for a party at the deserted house?
Let’s go and find out.

Come and join THE DEAD.
They are eager for new followers.
Who will be their next victim?
Who will wash up on shore?
Find out in THE DEAD GAME.

THE DEAD are watching.
They watch from windows and doors.
Once the sun goes down,
they roam the town.
Be smart;
stay indoors.
THE DEAD love the night.

The wolves howl in warning.
Birds flee in fear from trees.
The Dead come at night
to claim their victims.
Unless they are stopped.
Who is strong enough to stop them?
Find out in THE DEAD GAME.

The ground rumbles.
The gravestones shake.
The door to the mausoleum creaks open.
The leaves rustle in the wind.
The dirt parts.
A hand reaches from a grave.
Bodies rise up from the earth.
The Dead are ready to play.

(Source: artizan3)

Midnight is approaching.
The witching hour in Oasis, Florida.

End House holds secrets.
Secrets of The Dead and gone.
Deadly traps.
Vengeful spirits.
Join us if you dare.
THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist

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