Thursday, January 26, 2017


The water sparkles.
A bottomless pit.
Shadows of tree limbs
drift along its murky surface.
It snatches pieces of debris
on its journey down river.
Rocks, branches, leaves…
fall into its dark abyss.
Something is moving.
A hand.
Reaches for me.
An inky black hand.
What should I do?
Two arms.
A dark figure
emerges from the water.
Too big to be human.
It’s facing me.
It doesn’t have eyes.
A dark shadow,
dripping inky slime.
It roars.
It walks toward me.
I want to run.
I want to hide.
But I can’t.
My feet are stuck to the ground.
More roaring sounds.
More creatures are rising.
Is this real?
Am I dreaming?
All becomes quiet.
No roaring.
What happened?
“What are you doing?”
I turn around.
I’m standing in front
of the TV screen.
My friends stare back at me.
I’m blocking a horror movie.
I feel embarrassed.
I feel myself being hit
by popcorn.
Another Saturday night.

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