Friday, September 30, 2016



If I had known it was going to be so hard,
 Involving computer skills to the extreme,
 I might have thought twice about it,
 Thought twice about writing my book.
 Writers must write each and every day.
 We must promote our books daily.
 We must post on our blogs each day.
 But there’s not enough hours in a day.
 How do other writers accomplish all this?
 How do they leave free time for their families?
 They must be expert jugglers.
 Experts at writing, blogging, and juggling.
 I must learn this dance.
 This high-wire walk.
 This never-ending battle.
 I must learn to juggle.
 I will do it.
 I will do it all.
 Just give me the chance.
 Book two is waiting to be written.
 I feel free.
 I feel empowered.
 I will survive.
 James Patterson, eat my dust.

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