Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Linda was hanging over the pool of alligators in Wolf’s house. Maxell was flaunting her powers. How was Linda going to escape from this mess?

     “We’ll be happy to grant your dying wish,” Reece said as he appeared with Leanne and Diane.
     “Welcome, weak and spineless vampires. If you kill me, then my hold on the snake will break and this gorgeous reptile will be free to strangle this stupid human. Whatever he fails to eat, I’m sure the alligators will be happy to finish off. Everyone will be happy—except of course for this human.”
     Since the elders were standing in front of Maxell, they had lost any element of surprise. Their only chance was Hayden again. Mike couldn’t understand why the elders weren’t capable of following through with a simple plan. If they had surprised this Maxell vampire, then they would have been able to overcome her. Now, they had to stand there like idiots, waiting for Hayden to save the day again.
     Todd stared up at Linda. He wanted to offer her some kind of reassurance that everything would be okay, but her eyes were fixed on the tank of alligators. He had to do something to help her; he couldn’t just stand there and watch her die. What could he do? What powers did he possess that could be used here? He knew that his only true power was of suggestion. Then an idea came to him.
     He turned to face Maxell and spoke to someone over her shoulder. “You’re back, Wolf.  I’d assumed that we’d finally seen the last of you.”
     Maxell spun around and gawked at Wolf. “How could you possibly be alive? You died in the alligator pool.”

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