Thursday, December 2, 2021


Moonlit Forest

‘Walk with me through the moonlit forest.
Let our feet graze the tips of the grass,
held aloft by our love and passion.

Follow me through the endless night
to a land where no man walks,
and love has no bounds or shackles.

We will be free to display our passion,
without retribution from humanity.
Come with me, my ice princess.

Step away from the burning plains,
where the heat burns your soles,
and love is hampered by humanity.’

He extends his hand,
his lips never uttering a sound,
his meaning as clear as can be.

The other has followed us to the clearing,
his eyes burning red with passion,
a bright fire following in his footsteps.

He scorches a trail through the grass,
melting his enemy’s cold trail.
They face each other.

Hot and cold from opposite poles,
dueling until the end of time.
Our games have just begun.


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