Wednesday, November 4, 2020


Linda moves into Gregg’s mansion. She suggests Shana bring William with her as he recuperates from his last battle. While Gregg, an original vampire, has learned to live with humans, Shana doubts whether William can mend his evil ways. Shana watches the engaged couple with dismay as her arguments with William mount.

After werewolves kidnap Linda, Shana flees with Sheriff Sam, who believes William has been plotting with the werewolves to overthrow the upcoming vampire summit in Quebec.

While Gregg searches for Linda, Shana leaves with Sam for Florida’s swamplands. At a mansion hidden deep in the swamp, The Watchers live in luxury. The vampire leaders take them to a deserted military base, where they board planes for Quebec. At a stand-off at the base, The Watchers capture William and force him to join them.

The planes arrive at Chateau Frontenac in time for the summit. But the separate vampire factions have other plans for the meeting. 

As the boardwalk of Chateau Frontenac erupts in flames, the battle begins. Shana must choose the right side since any mistake can become a deadly one.


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