Monday, November 11, 2019



Louise & her friends escaped End House.
But the deadly game was far from over.
She dashed across the beach,
mounds of sand hitting her face.
On the walkway, 
branches swiped at her.
Main Street stood empty.
Candles flickered in the park.
A wind propelled her
toward the lights.
Thrust into the gazebo by an unseen force,
Louise felt like a puppet on a string.
A noose wrapped around her neck.
She hung from the wooden beams.
Hooded creatures circled her.
The noose tugged tighter.
The world spun.
The shadows slowed.
They chanted in an unfamiliar language,
Their hoods casting their faces in shadows.
The winds turned wilder,
moaning in unison with the voices.
Louise recognized a face before she losing consciousness,
but it was too late for her or the town of Oasis.
THE DEAD GAME has begun.

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