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I posted this last year. Since then Amazon has taken down most of these reviews. I don’t why they delete reviews and why only 5-star ones.  I’ve reposted them–in memory.
There’s one Barnes & Noble review in the bunch.
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Deneale Williams rated it was amazing
This book, “The Dead Game” would make an excellent horror movie. I just could not get enough of it and would love to see it on the silver screen. In fact, I think it would be even more fantastic in 3 dimensional. Let me start by saying: I read this in the dark, along with one light on and in a big house. Wait, did I mention I was alone? I might suggest that you might not want to do that. I’m just sayin…
Just let me be frank with you here. Okay, wait. I still want to be me. Here goes. I honestly love watching TV, and I know what would make for a good show or movie. And as I was reading this, I was just so totally freaking out all through it, I could totally visualize everything. I know this book would be amazing as a Movie, you seriously need to read it, because you know it goes. When they turn books into Movies, they ruin them. And if the words are this good, you need to read them now!
Another thing that I loved about this book, was the fact that it is portrayed in Oasis, Florida. As most of you know, I am I currently live in Florida. So I love it when books put Florida, or Ohio on the map, I’m in. 
This book, “The Dead Game” has Vampires, Beachfront property, a scary haunted mansion, dead bodies, romance and of course people. What a unique kind of mix.
But let me tell you, never ever go to a place called: “End house” and never attend a party on a Friday night where the invitation envelopes are black. I mean if that doesn’t just say: “It’s going to get weird.” As a warning, then nothing will. 
I was so impressed, with “The Dead Game”, I couldn’t put it down. I give it five stars, it was just that exciting. If you’re anything like me, and enjoy horror, with a kick, then you need to read this. And you better be ready to get comfortable, because you’re not going to want to put this book down! It’s just that enjoyable. 

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on March 5, 2016
“The Dead Game” by Susanne Leist is one of those great reads that you stumble across and end up eternally grateful for discovering it. In a vast sea of paranormal novels, The Dead Game stands out in all its horrifying glory. If you’re seeking chills and thrills this book is definitely a great read. Just the prologue will be enough to drag you deep into a plot filled with brilliant twists and turns. Leist brings her world and story to life with strong vivid language that flows seamlessly, lulling you into a tale you’ll never forget. I find her cast of characters to be truly unique and real, expressing human nature as if it were bare before us. Without hesitation, I can say this is among the best novels of the year I’ve come across. Highly recommended.
the dead game
Format: Kindle Edition
The Dead Game is a mystery/horror story that brings you into the lives of a group of people living in the quaint seaside community of Oasis, Florida. Even though Oasis seems to be a lovely place to live, sinister forces are hiding around every corner and wreaking havoc on the innocent town-folk. The author does a good job of developing the characters (both good and evil) and fleshing out the world they live in. Two inanimate objects in the story that grew into characters as the book progressed where the town of Oasis, Florida as well as a place called End House.
End House is an old abandoned mansion in a reclusive part of town that has a mysterious background. Invitations in black envelopes are sent to select people in town to attend a party at End House on a Friday night. The friends decide to attend the party and that is when all hell breaks loose. (Not wanting to reveal too much of the story) End House displays its paranormal personality with all sorts of terrifying entities from razor-sharp saws to gigantic bugs.  
The author is very creative with the horror she dishes out making it interesting and detailed without being so graphic as to turn anyone away from reading the rest of the story. After the horrific events of the party, the group has suspicions about the people within their own circle and if they are friend or foe. Friendships evolve between the characters both positively and negatively. The Hidden attraction between a few of the main characters brings a romantic angle to the story as well. A few of the characters work together to discover information on an eccentric man named Charles Wolf and a group he leads named “The Dead”. Rich and powerful, Wolf is known as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and throws another wrinkle into the story. At this point in the tale, suspicion among one another runs rampant as factions emerge from among the groups of characters. Some groups are honest and good and others deceitful and evil.  
It’s not easy to tell the good from the bad and the author keeps you guessing here. The honest and good group of characters leads a revolt against The Dead at the mysterious End House in an attempt to crush the evil group and eliminate them from Oasis. The author provides us with more creative action and gore as the battle between good and evil plays out. After the brawl, the town goes back to its lazy little self and people start getting back to their normal lives… or do they? The last few chapters are a topsy-turvy dance to figure out who is the real bad guy in the story. I was surprised by the end of the story and didn’t see it coming. This book is definitely well worth the time and the price.

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The Haunted Mansion Awaits?, March 22, 2014
This review is from The Dead Game (Kindle Edition)
The Dead Game by Susanne Leist is a psychological thriller set in the small town of Oasis, Florida where Linda Bennett and her friends embark on a haunted house expedition. Her clique of entrepreneurs includes Todd Morrison, a roguish fellow who easily navigates among the different factions within the community. Only Linda perceives the fact that Todd and the enigmatic Father John may know something more about the town than meets the eye, and the traumatic events to follow serve to confirm her darkest fears.
The author raises the bar in the Stephen King haunted house genre by combining an illusory backdrop to the standard demon-filled storyline. We are introduced to the evil Wolf, whose Dead subculture threatens to overwhelm those who trespass upon their perimeters. Yet Leist weaves an element of surrealism into the tapestry, creating scenes where each area of the property and room in End House appears to lead into a different dimension. Walls that reach into the sky and floors that lead into the netherworld are just some of the enhancements that Leist has built onto End House, and Wolf and his vampires arrive just as the protagonists appear to teeter on the brink of madness. It is rare when the environment is nearly as overwhelming as the evil that lurks within, but Leist has clearly made this happen in this page-turner.
This is an intriguing spin on the supernatural genre, definitely something to curl up with on book night. The Dead Game by Susanne Leist is a well-crafted novel you won’t want to miss.

fun sun death
on May 6, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
“Write with energy and imagination!” That’s what the great Oz said on the day author Susanne Leist was born. Then he waved his five-foot-long wand and infused her with the power to create worlds of Vampires and Wolves and twisted players from the mist of legends and grim fairy tales.
The Dead Game never quits. It takes off like a rocket through skies that may or may not be real, and it ends in fantastical possibilities that burrow into the secret earth. But throughout, there’s the mysterious, sexy, brown-eyed Todd and the responsive and curious heroine Linda. Can they ever get off of the diabolical crazy train long enough to take care of business?
Hmmm. You’ll have to read it for yourself. A town with so many questions raised by a mile of bizarre events is worth a closer look. And creepy mansions are elevated to a new level that supersedes the merely haunted houses of days gone by. The Dead Game. Humans are invited to the party, but just who or what you will be by its end is part of the gruesome fun. Get the book!
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on March 4, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Spooky scary and kept me up all night! I loved it. A small town filled with secrets… and some you don’t want to know. Shivery delicious.
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small ice
on March 29, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I read this in one sitting because I couldn’t stop turning pages. The story is well done, to say the least. Leist weaves together a gothic horror story that includes both good and evil vampires. Unlike many stories that include vampires, The Dead Game focuses on our human heroines and their efforts to solve the mysteries of Oasis Florida.Keeping to the format for good gothic horror, Leist introduces a tantalizing romantic element. The haunted house had a personality all its own. Be certain to read the prologue to catch the house’s seductive side.
If you like good gothic horror, this ranks right up there with Anne Rice and Radcliff.
Footsteps in the Sand
on May 21, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
The Dead Game by Author Susanne LeistIt is not very often that I read paranormal novels, but “The Dead Game” by talented Author Susanne Leist is a real page-turner. I found it very difficult to put down.
The story takes place in the quaint town of Oasis, Florida. Shrouded in mystery, it is evident that this lovely oasis holds many secrets. Newcomers to this picturesque town soon realize that something is amiss. There is what appears to be a vacant mansion called “End House” which all local residents are aware of and usually, avoid at great lengths. When there is a foreboding black invitation sent to several young people, including Linda and her friends to attend a party on Friday 13th, there is much angst as to whether they should go or not. Pique by a combination of curiosity and fear, they decide to go as a group to get to the bottom of the mysterious aura and odd events that prevail in Oasis…
Scary people, vampires, a touch of romance, murder and mayhem all add to the many twists and turns in “The Dead Game”. The Prologue captures the reader’s attention right from the onset and after that…Leist entices her readers to hang onto to her every word.
A most chilling and thrilling horror story!

glory of dead
on August 14, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Omg, I just know I will have nightmares tonight. This book scared the heck out of me, so much so I had to skim past some pages to get back into my comfort zone as those pages were getting to me. If you want a good read on a blustery night then choose this book! The Dead Game You can’t go wrong if you like scary stories. This book has a great story, from a great scare the pants off you type of author. Wonderful descriptions. In truth, should have read this book with a glass of wine or something, to make me a bit more relaxed. Maybe I am just a coward…. Thank you, Susanne Leist for such an entertaining, though scary read. It would make a great “hide behind the cushions” type of movie!!!Honest review by Jessie B Tyson author of 1st edition “White Heaven Women” AND 2nd edition WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN on Pre-Order, coming out soon, so I know about things that bump in the night..haha.

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