Sunday, December 17, 2017


Darkness descends this night.
Slithering through the grass,
It prepares for the fight.
A fight to the death for some,
For others a fight for what’s right.
The town waits with bated breath,
The sides position for the fight.
The evil one leads the way,
A greater force held at bay.
He walks into the clearing,
Soon others will join the fray.
He has come for me this night,
A shadowy form flits by.
It takes on his dreaded form,
Scooping me up to the sky.
We fly high above it all,
Rooftops passing in a rush.
I soon find myself falling
And landing in the thick brush.
I wake up in my own bed,
Happy I’m alive and free.
I fear for the dreaded night
When Wolf does come for me.

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