Monday, September 25, 2017


Source: whitechapelwitch

Follow me along the cobbled road.
Shadows lurk and float on by.
Hurry, catch up before I grow old.
Winged creatures fill the night sky.

My high heels click against the cobbled stones.
This way to the oldest building in town.
Take care not to step on any bones.
Curve your mouth to remove that awful frown.

Up the steps, we go.
Please walk through the open door.
Is he friend or foe?
Multiple heads hint at more.

Growls fill the still air.
Darkness permeates the long room.
Reaching hands grow near.
A woman flies by on a broom.

“Surprise” is shouted by all.
Lights shine brightly in our faces.
Enters a man ten feet tall.
Standing high on metal braces.

He holds a cake rimmed with black bats.
The audience quiets to a hush.
My friends approach in party hats.
They sing to me as I hide a blush.

“Happy Halloween” and “Happy Birthday”
Become “Happy Hallowday.” 
As I bow my head and enjoy my day.
A prank I must soon repay.

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