Monday, February 29, 2016


From the trailer for Mata Hari (1931).

The Dead have sent tens of thousands to hell.
A hell visited by the unwanted and abandoned.
Hell hounds guard the gates.
The Dead keep the prisoners locked up.
Chained to the walls in their chambers.
No one ever escapes alive.
The location is secret.
The leader of The Dead is a secret.
His family is interred inside the tunnels.
We’ve heard of an uprising.
The Dead will soon be free.
The town of Oasis will be their destination.
Time to flee from our oasis.
Leave our homes and businesses.
Before evil is unleashed on town.
The town is erupting with lightning and thunder.
Fire burns through the pretty white church.
Flapping wings surround us.
We must leave now!
THE DEAD are coming for us!

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