Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Metal clangs shut over the doors and windows.

Trapped in a house sealed as tight as a tomb,

Gregg must solve the computer’s complex riddles to escape.

Vampires and werewolves, sworn enemies of the night,

stare at each other as time begins to click away.

Freezing air blasts from the vents,

followed by a mechanized female voice.

“Gentleman, are you ready?” echoes around them.

Thus begins the thrilling adventure for Shana and her friends as they track The Dead from Florida’s swamplands to Quebec City.

Will Gregg escape the locked house in time to save his fiancee Linda from the rogue werewolves?

Will Shana save her boyfriend, William, from the blood curse infecting vampires, or will she succumb to her ex’s boyish charms?

A race to the finish culminates at a showdown at Quebec’s La Citadelle.

Let the better man or vampire win.

“This is a Gothic suspense/thriller that remains true to the vampire mythology while exploring fresh storylines and plot twists guaranteed to keep readers enthralled throughout. For vampire genre enthusiasts and romantic horror fans alike, The Dead at Heart by Susanne Leist is one you won’t want to miss.” – Broadway Turk Superstar, VINE VOICE


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