Thursday, April 4, 2019

Uvi Poznansky: Bargain&Free

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Prey for the Dead
The Dead Game #2
By Susanne Leist
Paranormal Suspense
New release $2.99 

Kindle ★ Nook ★ Kobo

Linda moves to Oasis, Florida, to escape her old life. She opens a bookstore and makes friends. Her perfect neighbors turn out to be not-so-perfect. Night creatures live among them. A love triangle forces her to choose between a vampire and a hybrid. Can she love a creature of the night?

Unexpected Gifts
By Sarah Mallery
Historical Fiction, Family Saga 
$0.99 $2.99

★ Kindle 

Can we learn from our ancestors? Confused, forever-picking-the-wrong-man college student Sonia sure does as she reads her family’s journals about Vietnam, Woodstock, Racism, McCarthyism, the Great Depression, Dance Marathons, Ellis Island, Suffragists, and the women’s vote. By learning all about their mistakes/ faults, she finally makes some right choices.

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