Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Susanne Leist's photo.
The opulent staircase gives way.
Linda slides into its deadly grasp.
A tunnel envelopes her.
Hands reach out for her.
A thick, spongy darkness.
Walls too slippery to grab.
Cries fill the endless void.
Will I reach the bottom?
Is there even a bottom to this madness?
Who lives beneath End House?
Will I become one of them?
Forever roaming the dark tunnels,
Not really dead but one of the undead.
Into the unyielding darkness comes a cry.
Linda looks up to see Todd and Shana,
Clinging to the rocky walls.
It was Todd who had called out.
The tunnel dissolves.
The stairs return.
They run down the staircase
And make it to the front door.
Linda pulls on the handle.
It won’t budge.
At Todd’s command,
The door opens for them.
The house pushes them out.
The door slams behind them.
Too terrified to look at Todd,
Linda races ahead to the car.
If Todd has powers,
Then he might be one of The Dead.
He could be evil like the rest of them.
I can’t believe I was actually
Falling for him.

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