Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Last Game Has Begun --- THE DEAD GAME

Red sky at night,
Sailor's delight.
Red sky at Oasis,
An omen of things to come.

Tides rise in desperation.
Sun sets before its time.
Birds flee the scene.
Time comes to a stop.

Brights light criss cross the sky,
Angry rumbling joins in.
Clouds shed their tears,
While the moon hides behind its stars.

Sharp raindrops hit me,
Glass bullets to the face. 
Waves rise in panic,
While palm trees flinch in despair.

Wolf and his army rise from the sand.
The Watchers approach from town.
Both sides armed and dangerous.
One side has the advantage.

The Watchers are sanctioned to serve.
Selected by the world's vampires.
Serve and protect the human race.
They will fulfill their mission.

I'm surrounded.
Wolf's men are taking me.
Todd has a gun.
He is running after us.

"Todd! Please save me!"
Wolf takes me in his arms.
Todd is left standing in the sand.
Human vampires can't fly.
Only damn vampires like Wolf can.

A fortress on an island
That I've never seen before.
There's a moat and drawbridge.
Armed guards at the front gate.

Wolf carries me inside.
Suits of armor stand at attention.
I've been transported back in time.
A caldron simmers in the hearth.

"My princess, 
Welcome to my castle.
I'm sure you'll be comfortable.
Better amenities than the 17th century."

"Am I a prisoner?" I ask.
"Yes, for now." He whispers.
"Until the battle is won,
You will be safe here."
Wolf touches my hair almost reverently.

"I don't want to stay here!
I want to go back to my people.
You're my enemy and always will be.
Let me go!"
I pull away from him with contempt.

"The battle is set.
The lines are drawn.
There's no going back,
Only forward."
Wolf almost looks sad.

"Nothing is set in stone.
Let me leave."
I am pleading with him now,
Pleading with a creature with no heart.

"I'm so sorry.
I'll come back for you.
Goodbye, my ice princess."
After one last look of longing,
Wolf is gone.

I'm left alone.
Except for the women in long dresses,
Who are staring at me.
Maybe they want to feed me
Or kill me.

I sit down to wait.

The Last Game Has Begun


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