Thursday, September 29, 2016


The hotel room is quiet.
The furniture looks shabby.
A dim light glows from a
small bedside lamp.
The carpet is worn from
years of footsteps.
You hear a strange noise.
A high-pitched static sound.
A sound emanating from the old T.V. set.
The black and white screen is on.
But you didn’t turn on the T.V.
A clown’s face appears on the screen.
He looks at you and says,
“Why are you here?
How dare you enter my room!
If you don’t leave right away,
I will just have to kill you.”
At first, you think it’s silly.
He’s only an image on a screen.
But then his hand reaches out.
Through the screen.
His fingers have long red nails.
His body begins to emerge.
He’s here.
For you.
You are no longer alone.