Sunday, August 3, 2014


Todd knew that the battle against the wayward vampires was not going to be over too soon. There were going to be besieged by a barrage of evil creatures before the game is played out.

     Todd noticed Linda watching him with a concerned expression on her face. As he attempted to join in on the cheerful conversation, his attention kept wandering back to the unanswered questions still lingering in his mind. How had Shirley and her group controlled the Father’s actions when they’d been just newly turned vampires and therefore, not yet strong enough to possess such extensive powers of their own? Maybe someone else had pulled the Father’s strings…and everyone else's strings in town. He would have to just wait and see: eventually this person would have to reveal his or her identity.
     The weather had started out calm and balmy, but as evening drew near, a strong wind approached the shore, kicking sand and rocks in their faces. As they were attempting to clean up before everything got blown into the increasingly angry waves of the ocean, they were hit with winds that were becoming more violent. Abandoning the rest of their belongings, they were forced to seek shelter inland.
     As they approached the apartment complex, loose pieces of roofs and trees flew over their heads. Linda screamed over the sound of the gusting winds, “How could this storm have become so brutal so fast to have blown off roofs already?”
     “It looks like we’re being attacked by a supernatural force again,” Todd shouted back.
     “I thought we’ve gotten rid of the bad element in town,” David said.
     “No. I believe there’s one more person involved that I shouldn’t have overlooked from the beginning,” Todd said in an exhausted tone of voice.
     “Who’s that?” Shana asked.
     “Since I’m not absolutely sure, let’s just wait and see if I’m right. The safest place for us to be right now is at the town hall: It is the town’s shelter and is also the oldest and sturdiest structure in town. We’ll be safe there,” Todd said, even though he was concerned for everyone’s safety during their next battle against the wayward vampires.