Thursday, July 10, 2014


Victorian Garden
The gazebo in the park.
As I walk from the beach,
I begin to hear chanting coming
from of the direction of the gazebo.
The wind picks up speed and
pushes me closer to the gazebo.
All of a sudden, I’m strung up to the rafters
with a noose around my neck.
How did this happen?
How did this happen so quickly?
Dark hooded creatures begin to
circle the gazebo.
As they circle faster and faster,
the wind lifts me up and pulls the noose
tighter around my neck.
I can’t see the faces of the chanters,
their hoods are draped low across their faces.
They appear to be human.
They could even be people from town.
The noose grows tighter and tighter until
I begin to lose consciousness.
This is the end and I don’t even know
who is killing me.
I’m growing weaker, losing consciousness,
and not caring anymore about Oasis and its dark secrets.
The Dead Game has begun.