Thursday, July 3, 2014


Why is there a lamp post standing
in the middle of the forest?
It’s not lit up.
There’s no one around but me.
And some creepy mist or fog
swirling through the trees.
I could hear a wolf’s howl
in the distance.
A cold breeze hits me, flowing
right through my body.
What is going on?
And why am I here?
Is this a nightmare?
But it feels so real.
I could feel the rocks
beneath my bare feet.
Why am I barefooted?
And why am I dressed in
a nightgown?
I hear something!
The lights flicker on
in the lamp post.
How did that happen?
There are no chords
attached to it.
Maybe I’m not alone.
Maybe I should run.
I can’t!
My feet are stuck to the ground!
My end is near.
THE DEAD have come for me.
THE DEAD GAME has begun.