Sunday, July 6, 2014


Chapter 30
With Todd in the lead, they sped through town and up the narrow mountain road. Driving up End House’s gravel path, they were faced once again with the gloomy and foreboding house. There were no lights on or any sounds of life in the house: only dark, soulless windows watching their approach.
     Todd pulled up to the house and sprinted from his car, leaving his car door hanging wide open. He was in the house before the others had even exited from their cars.
     “How did Todd figure out where they were hiding?” Shana asked Sam as they followed Todd through the main floor to the dreaded staircase leading down to the basement.
     “I don’t know…let’s just follow him, since he seems to know where he’s going.”
     “He mumbled something about returning to where the whole Dead Game began,” Linda said. “I can’t believe that we’re trudging down these basement steps again.”
     David spoke up. “I don’t want to return to that awful basement.”
     “If you remain up here, then you’ll be all alone,” Mike said. “It will fare much better for you if you stick close to the others.
     “But David,” added Mike, “if you really want to remain upstairs by yourself, you can wait here until we return.” That is, if you’re still alive when we come back and don’t get eaten alive by vampires. No great loss; there will be other cowardly lions to take his pathetic place.
     “No way am I waiting alone upstairs. Wait for me—I’m coming!” David quickly joined the others.
     The group slowly descended the narrow staircase, down to the basement of End House—definitely the last place that any of them ever wanted to visit again. The basement was cold and drafty. The one light bulb seemed to be broken. They were forced to climb down the long flight of slippery stairs in darkness.