Thursday, July 3, 2014


Linda and her friends were afraid that three of their own were part of The Dead. The ranks of evil were closing in on them.

     They next checked Judy’s apartment, which also appeared to be unoccupied. The walls and floors were painted black. Black blinds covered the windows.
     Shana was amazed that a woman could have no possessions. The closets were empty; the woman had no clothes or shoes. Even the bathroom walls were painted a dull black color. The bathroom counter was bare of any lotions, creams, or even a toothbrush. She opened the mirrored cabinet above the sink and found it empty. What a weird lady.
     “At least Ryan’s apartment had white walls, not these depressing black walls,” Shana said.
     “Let’s get out of here. This place is giving me the creeps.” David began to back out of the apartment.
     They ran across the walkway to Gregg’s apartment. Inside, they found his rooms to be vacant and closed up tight. “I had thought that human vampires were able to live in the light?” Linda asked.
     “That’s right; there’s no reason for all this darkness if they’re human,” Sam said.
     “Maybe they’re not human anymore, but have joined The Dead,” Shana said.
     “Could they have switched groups so easily?” asked Linda. “How could they have become vampires if they were already human vampires?”
     “It can easily happen. If a vampire bit them, fully draining the blood out of their bodies and replacing it with his own vampire blood, then they would become vampires themselves. Afterward, if they chose to live on human blood instead of animal blood, then they could turn vicious and deadly like The Dead,” Todd said. “I suppose we should now search for them at the hotel. I don’t want to consider the awful possibility of having to fight Judy, Gregg, and Ryan to the death.”