Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Who could they trust? Could their friends, Ryan, Judy, and Gregg, be part of The Dead? Was there no one left to trust in Oasis?

     As Sam drove down the hill, he explained their new predicament. “We still have many lingering doubts about Judy, Ryan, and Gregg. They disappeared both times there was trouble: first at End House and then at Wolf’s house. They didn’t even bother to attend Diane’s party, which is mandatory for all human vampires. And today, they just calmly watched through the window as Todd fought for his life, without stepping in to help.”
     “So, it’s not over—just when I thought that life was going back to normal,” David said.
     “I’m driving over to the hotel to check for them while Todd and Linda search through their rooms,” Sam said.
     “I don’t think that we should separate. If they’re part of The Dead, then they’re much stronger than all of us put together,” Shana said.
     “Okay, we’ll follow their car to the apartment,”  Sam said.
     They pulled up behind Todd’s car, which was already parked in front of his apartment. They watched as Todd ran out, clutching a master key.
     The four of them followed Todd and Linda into Ryan’s
apartment. It was empty of any furnishings or belongings. The window shades were closed, blocking any light from filtering through. There wasn’t even a bed in the apartment, Shana realized, just pitch-black, empty rooms.
     “Do vampires own any furniture? Do they even sleep in beds?” Shana asked while looking around the unfurnished apartment.
     “We’re human vampires. We need furniture and beds—just like you do. We also require food, since we don’t drink blood,” Sam said, searching through the empty refrigerator and the bare kitchen cabinets.