Sunday, July 6, 2014


5.0 out of 5 stars A five-star review for the unexpected!, July 6, 2014
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This review is from: The Dead Game (Kindle Edition)
It is hard to imagine vampires in Florida. I’m a Floridian and it’s hot and humid here. Florida is a good place for zombies dripping body parts or crumbling architecture like the house of Usher. Vampires belong in snowy castles wrapped in long, warm capes, right? Well, Susanne Leist gives us a beautiful town peopled by beautiful, young shop owners with beautiful mansions. By day, that is. By night? Lots of shadowy figures with lots of people disappearing. The action begins fairly early and it doesn’t stop, even while we learn about the Dead, the Human Vampires and animal blood-drinking Vampires. I love creepy houses and End House certainly is a nightmare. There is also a glass mansion with alligators swimming in reach of unwanted visitors. Definitely a Florida thing! The characters were off-beat and enjoyable also. I don’t like sarcastic people in real life but adore them in fiction. Mike, the antique store owner, was definitely my favorite. I found myself laughing out loud as Leist took us into his mind while the others strategized or tried to make sense of the situations, using brilliant comparisons to characters from Oz. The “human vampires” were rather ineffectual and I liked that the two female leads didn’t hang around waiting for their men to rescue them or even solve what was happening. Five stars for the unexpected!