Sunday, June 8, 2014


Linda and her friends were determined to flush out the demons from town. They didn't want to wait for Todd and sheriff Sam to do anymore investigating that was taking much too long. It was time for action!

Chapter 26
The next morning at church, Linda didn’t see Louise sitting in the pews. She whispered to Shana, “Where is Louise? I never see her anymore. Everyone else is here—except of course for the vampires on the hill.”
     “After her supposed hanging in the gazebo, something has definitely changed about her.” All of a sudden, she got that strange twinkle in her eye that Linda recognized as her way of over-thinking something. Shana quickly added, “Maybe Louise is really dead and therefore can’t come into the church anymore. She could be a vampire or even one of The Dead.”
     “Hold your horses! Let’s stop guessing and just follow
through with our plan.” Linda laughed at Shana’s strange, off-the-wall ideas. She was embarrassed that she’d thought the same thing about Louise just the other day.
     After services Father John was standing on the church’s
white steps, shaking people’s hands goodbye. Linda waited for everyone to leave before walking over to him with Shana, Mike, and David. He walked with them into the deserted front hall.
     “Good morning, Father John…we have a favor to ask of
you. We now know that Charles Wolf is the leader of the evil group of vampires on the hill, called The Dead. They are behind all the murders and disappearances in town. We’re going to confront Wolf in his own home. After we leave, we want you to tell Todd and the sheriff where we’ll be going. This way they can come to our rescue.”
     “Why can’t you just wait for the sheriff and his men? You don’t need to place yourselves at unnecessary risk,” said Father John.
     “That’s exactly what I suggested but, of course, no one listened to me,” Mike said.
     “If we begin the fight on our own, then they’ll be finally forced to confront the demons,” David said. “It’s over for us one way or the other, so we might as well go down fighting.”
     “Make sure to inform Todd and Sam. That’s the only way this plan will work,” Linda said to the priest.
     “I’ll go right away,” said the Father, pulling on his coat.
     Linda watched as the priest hurried out the door. He had accepted her story about Wolf and The Dead a little too easily—without asking even one question. She hoped that she was just being paranoid and that the priest didn’t have his own ulterior motive—like everyone else seemed to have in this town.
     Turning to leave, she spotted someone standing inside the front door; eavesdropping on their whispered conversation. She peered closer and was shocked to recognize the priest’s housekeeper. Why would the housekeeper be interested in what they’d been discussing? And why was she hiding? Linda mentally added this person to her ever-growing list of suspects.