Monday, June 2, 2014


The group was sitting around a table in the back room of Shana's shop. Shana had just presented her new idea of confronting Wolf in his own home. Mike couldn't understand why the girls didn't want to ask Todd and Sam to help them.

     “Why don’t we just ask them to help us?” asked Mike. “This idea is totally idiotic!” He was annoyed with the silly ideas that the girls were always dreaming up. He didn’t believe that they always had to be the ones to find the bad guys. The other residents had more money and were much more powerful—except for the small fact that they didn’t know which ones were good and which were bad.
      “They won’t listen to my ideas; but if they’re informed—before the fact—that we’re in trouble, they’ll have to come quickly to save us,” Shana said. “After Sunday services, we’ll ask Father John to notify Todd and Sam where we’ll be going. The Father knows what’s happening in town and is very reliable. We can trust him to alert them in time.”
     “How do we know who to trust? Wolf and Hayden are evil—but what about all the other vampires and human vampires in town? How do we even know that Father John can be trusted?” Mike asked of everyone sitting around the table in the dark, with the lone candle providing a small quivering light. Each of their faces appeared ghostly in the flickering candlelight—and not even human. He shook his head to clear his vision and repeated over and over in his mind: These are my friends and can therefore be relied upon.
     “We just have to be extra careful from now on and trust only the people we’re certain are loyal,” Shana said. “Father John had alerted us to the secret meetings on the hill and the battle between good and evil taking place on the mountainside—right outside our apartments. If he’d been one of The Dead, why would he have supplied us with this information if it was supposed to have been a secret society?”
     “Okay, we’ll assist you with this investigation.” Mike said, knowing that Shana had already decided to follow through with her idea—even before she’d presented it. He would be just wasting his breath if he chose to veto her plan…so he remained quiet for the rest of their planning session.