Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Linda enjoyed dancing with Todd. She tried to ignore the strange guests dancing around her.

     “Come, let’s dance again,” he whispered, pulling her slowly to her feet. He led her back to the dance floor and held her close.
     Happy and content that he was finally being attentive to her, she rested her head against his shoulder. Earlier she had tried to escape from his arms, but now all she wanted was to remain safe and warm inside them.
     They danced every dance until midnight. She loved being held by Todd, his arms holding her securely. She felt his rippling muscles beneath his suit. She hoped that he was strong enough to protect her from the evil intent on destroying their small town. And when the dust settled and the bad guys were taken care of, they could have a future together.

     At precisely twelve o’clock, a sequence of twelve loud bongs vibrated through the large room. The music stopped playing. Everyone stood still, listening to the chimes of the huge grandfather clock. After the last bong, the music resumed playing and the sounds of voices and laughter could be heard once again.
     Todd politely excused himself, promising to return in a few minutes. Linda was left all alone in the middle of the dance floor. She was surprised to find that most of the other residents had already left the party. The chimes seemed to have cleared out the room: very few people were left dancing among the statues.
     As she strolled through the sculptures, she felt as if they were watching her. She passed one and peered into its glass face. It portrayed a young woman crying with tears, which appeared wet and shiny as they flowed down her glossy cheeks. She quickly moved away, hoping that the statues didn’t come to life at night and become the haunting shadows that roamed the town.