Thursday, May 1, 2014


The party in Diane's glass house was becoming stranger and stranger. Linda didn't want to make friends with the guests. They were too friendly.   

     Caroline von Strobe seized the opportunity to speak with Linda alone. She smiled as she spoke. “We would love to have you as a guest at our castle. It isn’t cold and drafty like the way castles are usually depicted in books. It has been modernized with all the luxuries of a hotel. We have fox hunting, tennis, swimming, and any sport you could think of…I get lonely in the large place all by myself. John is away a lot on business and I would love to have a companion at those times.”
      “That sounds very tempting, but I’ve been very busy with my new store. However, when I have some free time, I’d love to visit your country. I’ve never been outside the United States.”
     “Then most definitely you must visit. I’ll have John arrange something with Todd. In a few months, there will be fox hunting. It is a very popular sport in our country.”
     Linda said, “I’m sorry, but I’ll have to skip the hunting. I adore animals and couldn’t imagine allowing one to be chased to be killed.”
     “We don’t kill the fox; we let him go. The chase is the whole fun.”
     “But the chase is cruel. The poor animal is running for his life—not knowing if he’ll live or not or if he’ll ever see his family again.”
     Caroline hung her head in shame. “You’re right! Now I can never go hunting again.”
     “I’m so sorry; I feel bad that I’ve ruined the whole experience for you. I’ve ruined many Disney movies for my friends. I could still visit and we could do anything else.”
     “Sure! We’ll find something that we both enjoy.”
     John walked over, excusing himself and his wife for the next dance. “The dance is a waltz. It is the most romantic dance, and we never miss it. We’ll see you again soon.” He bowed and left with his wife for the dance floor.
     She turned and found the Russian couple standing right behind her. Oh no! What could she say to them without putting her foot into her big mouth?