Friday, January 17, 2014


     At the highest point on the mountain was Diane Rome’s circular house of green-tinted glass. As a world-famous sculptor, Diane created monumental sculptures in her home using a large range of materials that were delivered to her house. She was very sociable, and loved to travel the world for business and pleasure. She invited many of her friends and business acquaintances to the two large parties she hosted each year.
     The narrow road took a sudden dip downward before
the next house, before Hayden Hoyt’s dark house, reported to be filled to the brim with antiques. His passion for the old had first led him to collect antiquities and then later on to become a world-renowned art dealer. He never permitted potential buyers to visit his house, but sold through museums and other dealers. His house was almost hidden from sight by the thick foliage surrounding his property. To Todd, the house looked very bleak and foreboding, but he was still very curious to get a glimpse inside.